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If you’re wondering what ‘Mamil Repeller’ means

I used to love the writing on the now-defunct fashion and lifestyle site Man Repeller. The original premise of which was to showcase the kind of out-there fashion that men usually don't like or don't 'get'. So, when I got the idea to start a women’s cycling site or blog the name ‘Mamil (middle aged man in lycra) Repeller’ popped into my head.

But don’t worry if you identify with any element of the acronym because — by my definition at least — MAMIL is more of a mindset. MAMIL behaviour can be exhibited at any age, and even by any gender. It’s repeatedly leapfrogging you on the climb to prove a point while you’re just minding your business, it’s masters racers who burn all their matches racing you instead of their actual competitors, it’s saying you don’t watch women’s racing because ‘it’s not as good because they’re slower’.

Not all middle aged men — in lycra or not — have the MAMIL mentality, in fact many of them are staunch women’s cycling supporters!

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